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Florencia Davizon

Meet me....

I am Florencia Davidzon, a multicultural explorer with a wealth of experience in market research and strategy spanning more than two decades. Drawing from my extensive international background, including work in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the United States, I've cultivated a unique perspective that enriches every endeavor I undertake. In recent years, my laser focus on digital transformation has refined my expertise in deciphering the intricate dance between humans and technology. As a seasoned UX expert, I've pioneered methodologies that unearth profound user insights, allowing data-driven decisions to take center stage. Guided by the belief in human-centric decision-making, I've championed the fusion of collective needs to shape an ethical and promising future. Beyond my professional accomplishments, I also proudly wear the hat of an independent writer and filmmaker. By crafting captivating narratives, I can resonate deeply with audiences, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds. With a diverse skill set and an unrelenting passion for storytelling, I've carved out a unique place as a visionary and influential figure, bridging business and creativity with finesse. I'm proud to share that my achievements include winning the prestigious Effi Award for Knorr in Mexico, showcasing my prowess in the marketing world. Additionally, my skills extend to filmmaking, where I secured the honor of Best Documentary Film at the Oregon Film Festival – a testament to my dedication and excellence in storytelling.

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