My nonfiction work

  • Mourners, an 80 minutes documentary, a finalist for the ITVS Diversity grant and LPB-PBS grant, and participated at IFF Panama Doc Lab (still in development, since 2018). 

  • The Marching Quixotes, an 81' documentary about some members of the" 15-M" movement from Barcelona, part of FICG LA Lab (2014). The film won Best Student Film at Oregon Film Awards (2017), was part of Vision Du Reels Market, Guadalajara Film Market, and finalist at Stockholm Film Festival (2017).

  • Back Dad's Home, was my thesis graduation project, an experimental personal essay film. (2016).

  • As Usual Bill was my first experimental film participated at L.A. International Short Film Festival. (2011).

  • ArgenChina another experimental exploration has won an award of merit at BestShorts and The Indi Fest. (2013).

  • 99% collaborative film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. (2012).

  • As a Man Thinketh participated at the Crossroads Delta Film Festival in Mississippi (2009). 

  • Bird Sounds, which also won 1st prize at the Corto Cinema Film Festival in Mexico and was screened at Morelia Film Festival (2006).

  • Digna Merced, my first short has won 1st prize at the Crystal Screen, Mexico (2005). 


In fiction

  • Juana, Mexico (2021). 

  • The Flower and the Line, was delivery this year in Mexico, in the memory of Raquel Padilla, Mexico (2020).

  • Under the Vine, finalist at Shorts Mexico, (2019).

  • Cananea's Stones, a drama and adventure based on the novel I wrote under the same name, Mexico, (2018).

  • Violeta, was inspired by my novel Violeta. The adaptation work leads me to be invited to join the Kino Magdalena Writer's Residency (2016), a program from the Instituto Sonorense of Culture at Sonora Mexico. Violeta was also part of the Guadalajara Talent Campus (2018) and a finalist for the Sundance Writing Lab, USA (2018). 

  • Guilgulim short script was selected in the official script competition short at Oaxaca Film Festival and won first prize. USA-Mexico (2016).

  • Jade short script was finalists at Latino Lens/Nalip, Mexico,(2018).

  • Good Pipe short script was finalists at Latino Lens/Nalip, USA, (2015).

  •  Chapina has won 2nd place at Yosemite Film Festival (2016), finalist at Manhattan Short Film Festival (2016), won first prize at West Field Screenwriting Awards (2016). I have been recognized as a quarterfinalist in the American Gem Short Script and Literary Festival, USA, (2016).

  • Christmas, a narrative short premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival in 2015. Later it continued screening at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Florida and the Guanajuato Film Festival in Mexico. It won the merit award in March 2015 at BestShorts in two categories, Women Filmmakers and Latin / Hispanic, Film Short. (2015).

  • I co-written a biopic, The Persistent Faith, with Gabriela Vidal, Argentina (2008).

  • Where the babies come from?, participated at Fundacion Toscano/ Imcine, Bobette Buster Morelia Lab and was finalists at the Havana International Film Festival, Guatemala (2007).

  • Happiness in a Can, a short script won a contest by El Garfio-Imcine, México (2006).

  • Love, happiness, and other stupid things, my first 90 minutes script was finalists at the Havana International Film Festival, Argentina (2005).

I have developed some T.V. Series,

  • Mitzva is based on a short story I wrote and adapted on-demand as an episode for Paula Markovich. (2020).

  • Chilanguitos, a TV Series for kids for Channel 21 CDMX, on-demand for Antonio Vallarta Head of Production (2020).

  • The Forest co-written with Gabriela Vidal was selected to be part of the Expansion/ Motor 2021 catalogs. Finalist at Fox fiction contest, (2016-2020).

  • Paparazzi co-written with Gisela Benenzon and Mariano Vera, (2014-2015). 

I have also been writing plays as a dramaturgist,

  • Exodus, selected to be part of Theater Research Program 2021-2021 at Contigo America/ Institucion Teatral Independiente AC, Mexico (2020).

  • America's Square (2020),  Senses (2020), and Hypnopedia (2020). Sponsored by Mexican Secretary of Culture and presented at Centro Cultural Helenico Theater, Mexico (2020).

  • Cumbia Calea was selected to be part of a year program at The Drama Writer's Lab 2016, Casa de Artes, San Agustin Etla, Mexico. (2016).



I was a Nalip fellow attending the Latino Producer Academy (2009), and a fellow at the Jewish Federation program, following the Tel Aviv-Los Angeles Masterclass, TA-LA 10 days program in Israel (2009).

I have participated, along with other artists, to make other films in other roles, such as La Isla, East LA  Interchange, Siqueiros: Walls of Passions, and Versus. (2009-2014).