Creative Solutions

I am committed to creating meaning for your brand and business.

A creative with an eye for branded content and brand storytelling, able to lead and support the creative production team with ideas and compelling, engaging approaches to any task.


  • Passionate and knowledgeable in developing breakthrough innovative ideas and transforming them to a narrative that meets a brand’s key performance indicators. 

  • Capable of conceptualizing and developing work across multiple touch points, able to inspire colleagues to deliver creative excellence.

  • Leads and contributes to projects in partnership with internal and external designers, writers, producers, cameras, sound, editors, and marketing.

  • Excellent abilities to create presentations, and interpersonal skills to maintain a positive team atmosphere and relationships.

  • Excellent understanding of entertainment and advertising industries' best practices in design and writing and willing to stay abreast of current trends.


“Florencia is not only a wise, inspired, resourceful & knowledgeable professional that deeply understands human truths and uses them as conceptual and branding levers... She also is a noble, spiritual and peaceful human being whom is a real pleasure to work with.

​Ernesto Suzan Reed, Marketing Manager Bacardi. Mexico.


​“I highly recommend Florencia because she has an extraordinary ability to combine insight and ethnography expertise with creativity and storytelling skills. She designed and delivered for us a very comprehensive training in visual ethnography that change the way we worked as an account planning department. In a different company and with different responsibilities I'm still applying the learning and I won;t hesitate to hire again her to coach my team”

Rocio F. Brusseau, Executive Strategy Director, Starcom MediaVest Group. USA.


“I met Florencia when I arrived to JWT Mexico from Madrid branch almost 6 years ago. Very soon I started to discover her unique and rich profile. She was a planner, yes, actually a great one, but also she have been a researcher, documentary maker, scriptwriter, world traveler, anthropologist….there is no narrow label that could name her profile. This have always made her a really creative, unconventional thinker. Also Florencia is a great team player. AT JWT we had the tough challenge of leading the planning area as a team. Doing this is always hard. Criteria and styles need to be conciliated. Well, this was a remarkable experience. We made a great team and faced barriers, tough times and changes together and we succeeded. Planning area was a solid added value part of the agency. I have been in touch with Florencia ever since and admired her braveness to pursue amazing challenges and projects, such as becoming a Yoga instructor or designing TVC campaign all from the beginning including filming it. She is a great valuable asset for every project she is part of, but most of all, I believe Florencia is one of a kind”

​Mariana Hernandez, Head of Creative Strategy Youtube/Google Madrid.