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Case Study: Revolutionizing Pharma Supplier Nadro's Digital offer to cater to diverse clients. 

Challenge: Nadro a prominent pharmaceutical supplier, faced the intricate challenge of serving a wide spectrum of clients, including small pharmacies, chain pharmacies, and hospitals. Their digital offering needed a comprehensive overhaul to effectively cater to their diverse clientele and create a seamless purchasing experience across various channels with more effectiveness. 

Objective: Our mission was to conduct a holistic UX research initiative, focusing on understanding the unique needs of each client type and leveraging these insights to transform Nadro's digital ecosystem. The goal was to enhance inventory management, sales processes, and purchasing channels, thus creating a unified experience that would propel growth. 


  • Exploratory Research: Our journey began with an in-depth exploratory phase, where we engaged with Nadro's existing clients to gain a deep understanding of their pain points, expectations, and preferences. Also, we deep dive into Nadro's competitors to gain insights and did a big amount of stakeholder interviews.  

  • Client needs across Mexico:  With insights from existing clients in hand, we expanded our research nationwide to capture the needs and challenges faced by clients across different regions of Mexico. This panoramic view ensured that our recommendations were inclusive and effective. 

  • Ideation and Strategy:  Armed with extensive insights, we embarked on an ideation phase to reimagine Nadro's approach to inventory management, sales tactics, and purchasing channels. We brainstormed innovative ideas that would cater to the unique demands of small pharmacies, chain pharmacies, and hospitals.

  • Prototyping Development: We transformed our ideas into prototypes that showcased how the new approach would work in practice. This step allowed us to visualize the end-to-end user journey and identity potential pain points or areas for refinement based also on client capabilities. 

  • Implementation and training: The refined digital ecosystem was adjusted in collaboration with Nadro's workshop sessions. The client's rolled out his digital offer and processes across various channels, including e-commerce, phone orders, chatbot, and in-person interactions.



  1. Tailored Experiences: Nadro's digital transformation led to tailored experiences for small pharmacies, chain pharmacies, and hospitals. Each client type enjoyed a personalized interface that addressed their unique needs across the country. 

  2. Streamlined Inventory and Sales: The new approach streamlined inventory management and sales process, improving efficiency and accuracy. Clients could access real-time stock information and place orders seamlessly.

  3. Diverse Buying Channels: The introduction of multiple purchasing channels, including e-commerce and phone orders, provided flexibility and convenience, allowing clients to find better prices on time. 

  4. Increase Client Satisfaction:  With an enhanced user experience, client satisfaction levels soared. The seamless and client-centric approach strengthened relationships, loyalty, and sales.


Conclusion and LearningsThrough a comprehensive UX research initiative, we successfully transformed Nadro's digital offerings to cater to the diverse needs of small pharmacies, chain pharmacies, and hospitals, and the different types of clients within each segment. This case study exemplifies the power of UX research and B2B clients' needs and its capabilities in driving impactful digital transformations, fostering client satisfaction, and positioning Nadro as a leader in the pharmaceutical supply industry. 

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